1-2-1 Chicken Keeping Course Details

Val prides herself in knowing that existing and future chicken keepers complete the course happy, contented and armed with all the necessary knowledge, to keep healthy chickens in their back garden. The course will give you essential information to carry out preventative methods to stop problems arising and equip you with the knowledge should a problem occur.

The specialist 1-2-1 chicken keeping course is tailored to suit you, based on your current knowledge and experience, it is ideal for the whole family or whoever will be caring for the chickens; children are especially welcome. The bespoke course is also ideal for Smallholders, Schools, Colleges, Pet Shops and other organisations.

1-2-1 Chicken Keeping Course Content:

  • The Benefits & Rewards of Keeping Chickens
  • The Ease of Keeping Chickens, a Chicken’s Basic Needs & Welfare Requirements
  • Every Day, Weekly & Monthly / Quarterly Care
  • Your New Arrivals – Settling Them in Their New Home
  • Signs of Health & Sickness, What to Look For
  • Discuss The Importance of Choosing The Right Breed to Suit Your Expectations
  • The Importance of Choosing the Correct House: Housing Checklist, Discuss the Pros & Cons of Different Houses
  • Available to Help
  • You Decide to Make or Buy a Particular House
  • The Run & it’s Significance
  • Training Demonstration & Discussion, How & Why You Need to Train Them
  • Your First Eggs, When She Will Start Laying etc
  • How to Handle Your Chickens Correctly & Check for Health (Practising on Real Hens)
  • Supplements & Medication Available to Keep Them Healthy
  • The Cost of Keeping Chickens & The Savings You Can Make
  • External & Internal Parasites, The Signs, Preventative Methods & Treatment
  • Food, Discuss the Various Feeds Available & What is Good & Bad for Them
  • Moulting, When it Occurs & How to Help the Process
  • The Pecking Order – The Top Chick
  • Dustbaths, it’s Function & How to Make One
  • Predators, What You Can do to Protect Your Chickens
  • A Broody Hen, The Signs, Problems & Breaking a Broody
  • Tips to Make Keeping Chickens Easy & How to Deter Rodents
  • Cockerels
  • Introducing New Hens
  • Flying Hens, Wing Clipping
  • And More……

Training Available at Your Premises (travel expenses extra) or Come to The Chicken School & See How it All Works.

For a Family of up to 4 (2 adults, 2 children) – weekday £120.00 – Weekends £140.00

Duration of approximately 3.5hrs. A Non refundable deposit of £40 is required.
We reserve the right to cancel the course but will provide as much notice as possible (deposits will be returned if we do so). Sorry no dogs.

Free 33 page Information Booklet Available to use as a Reference (value £10)

Plus Refreshments & Food

To book a chicken course, please use our contact page to speak to Val

Neil Forbes (Recognised RCVS and European College Specialist in Bird Medicine) states that it is imperative that poultry owners are well informed and trained in the care and husbandry of their birds. Neil states that suitable training is most readily gained by attending a chicken course as run by organisations such as Chicken School.