About Me

My name is Val and thanks to my dear granddad who gave me such lovely childhood memoires of chickens, gardening and nature, I am now passionate about them all.

In my adult life I to wanted to keep hens, my first experience came when moving to a house with a garden; many years ago. At that time very few people kept hens in their back garden, I tried very hard to gain the necessary experience by reading as many books as possible, but learning was difficult (as the books contradicted each other) and nothing beats hands on experience, which you can only gain when you have chickens or by attending a chicken keeping course; which did not exist in those days.

16 years down the road and having had several breeds of hens and ducks I still find my girls fun and relaxing, with current production methods I am pleased to have my own produce, they eat the nasty bugs and provide manure for my compost heap, which in turn feeds my vegetables.

Having experienced the steep learning curve required to keep chickens I decided to help others understand the expensive and distressing pitfalls; so Chicken School was created. Our mission is to show people how chicken keeping works in the back garden, with animal welfare and simplicity for the owner paramount.

Chicken School offers a Group Chicken Keeping Course to meet like minded people or 1-2-1 Chicken Keeping Courses for families etc, (we actively encourage the whole household to attend); the 34 page free information booklet covers all items discussed and compliments this course. I run courses for the novice and experienced chicken keeper. I also offer a bespoke course for new chicken keepers at organisations and a consultancy service to existing keepers. We also offer an egg hatching program ‘Egg n Chicks’ for schools and organisations.

During the course of educating myself I learnt how important purchasing the correct chicken coop is, relying on stockist to sell me a satisfactory product appeared a real task, after going through several chicken coops and wasting a lot of money, I decided to design and manufacture my own coop, with animal welfare and user friendly properties paramount. This is available for people on my courses to see how it works and understand its useful features to either purchase or understand the important qualities to look for when purchasing a coop.

The Chicken School course and free information booklet will help you on your road to learning about chickens and the joy they can bring to the back garden keeper. The course is designed to assist the novice and existing chicken keeper with everyday chicken requirements to ensure happy, healthy pets and owner satisfaction.