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Chicken School has kept chickens for 20 years and ran Chicken Keeping Courses for 13 years, offering a consultancy & advisory service as well as help organisations keep chickens on their grounds. We carryout exhibitions & give talks to organisations and on the radio. Our fundamental concept regards animal welfare. We designed the perfect chicken coop which is manufactured and sold locally, sell an E-Book, helped make a DVD, as well as write articles for magazines, to help people keep and care for their feathered friends and of course reap the benefits of fresh eggs.

Chicken Coop
Hens roaming free at Chicken School
Chicken School Exhibiting
Chicken School on the Radio

To compliment our small business, Chicken School specialises in providing an ethical hatching egg project, for Schools, Nurseries, Colleges, Care/Retirement homes, and other organisations. Based in Swindon we cover a wide area. This includes M4 Corridor and: Berkshire, North Hampshire, Gloucestershire, South & East London, South Oxfordshire, North & East Surrey, North East of Somerset, Wiltshire.

All equipment has virtually 360° visibility; it’s no good having the experience if you can’t see it. The equipment is safe and child-friendly.

Animal Welfare is paramount, the equipment provided by Chicken School provides the right environment for the eggs to hatch and chicks to keep warm, grow, eat, sleep, flap their wings and nurture, before they are returned to the farm to further their growth.

We are Members of The Poultry Club of GB and Cotswold Pheasant and Poultry Club

Depending on the time of year and fertility we use pure breed eggs many of the breeds are rare and helps conservation, many schools have been responsible for bringing back an extremely rare breed ‘Wernless’. To understand more about where the eggs come from and where the chicks go.

Running a course
Running a Course for a Garden Centre
Hatching Chicks in the Classroom
Chicken Schools E Book
Running a course at Chicken School