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Buying a Chicken Coop?

Want to know what to look out for when buying a chicken coop?

Here are our hints and tips to help you choose the right home for your chickens.

How to choose a chicken coop

Through keeping chickens for 16 years, building and buying several houses during this time, it soon became apparent that there are very few good chicken coops for sale available to the back garden keeper; that considers chicken welfare and being user friendly for the owner.

After much thought and planning Chicken School set to work designing the perfect and Chicken School Dormitory 1 was created. We were fortunate to be approached by the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality timber garden buildings, but since moved it to a local supplier. Enterprise Works is a supported business which provides real employment opportunities for people with both physical and learning disabilities.

We worked together to make the prototype which was tested in our own garden at Chicken School and now we have the answer to all your housing requirements, a purpose built chicken house offering the perfect design for chicken welfare and the keeper.

Chicken Coop and run in a domestic garden

There are so many types of houses on the market.  Houses are not cheap. It can be a mine field to ensure the breed & house is suitable for you, your family, garden & lifestyle.

Back garden keepers usually keep small numbers of chickens in houses with runs attached to give them predator protection while they are at work etc. Some people have a house which is moved regularly others have static houses.

Check out our chicken coops for sale…

Dormitory 1

Chicken Coop and run

The answer to all your chicken housing needs, for up to 6 Bantams, 5 Light or 4 Heavy Birds, if allowed to Free Range or if run extension is attached.

A purpose built chicken coop and run. The perfect design for chicken welfare and ease of use for the keeper.


1200mm wide x 1525mm deep x 1453mm high at the apex

Price is £549.99 including VAT

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Dormitory 2

Temporary chicken house or coop

A multi purpose temporary home for chickens.

Ideal for breaking broody hens, using a broody hen to raise chicks, acclimatising chicks and pullets, isolating new chickens prior to introducing them to your flock, isolating a wounded or sick bird.


860mm wide x 1420mm long x 600mm high

Price is £274.99 including VAT

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