Chicken School Dormitory 2

Chicken School Dormitory 2 has been designed as a multi purpose temporary home Ideal For:

  • Broody hens, to break her so she does not get out of condition and to come back into lay
  • Use a broody hen to raise chicks
  • Acclimatise and harden chicks / pullets
  • Introduce new chickens to your existing flock, to isolate them for 2 weeks to ensure no unwanted diseases is passed to your existing flock and ensure a smooth introduction of the young birds to bulling mature birds.
  • To isolate and nurse a wounded or sick bird

Product Features:

  • Guaranteed for 10 Years Against Wood Rot
  • Pressure Treated, FSC Certified
  • Enclosed Roosting and Nesting Area
  • Removable Parts for Ease of Cleaning
  • Enclosed Roosting and Nesting Area

Measurements: 860mm wide x 1420mm long x 600mm

Price is £274.99 including VAT
Delivery Charge: £12 Swindon, for all other areas please contact Enterprise works
for a price, free collection.
Lead Time on request

To purchase your Chicken School Dormitory 2 please contact:

Enterprise Works
Units 1a & 1b Gipsy Lane
Tel: 01793 464646