Chicken Coops

‘Chicken School Dormitory 1’ was designed to be the answer to all your chicken coops requirements,  purpose built chicken coops and run offering the perfect design for chicken welfare and ease of use for the keeper.

The ‘Chicken School Dormitory 1’ uses FSC certified pressure treated timber and is guaranteed for 10 years

Product Features:

  •  Houses up to 6 Bantams, 5 Light or 4 Heavy Birds, if Allowed to Free Range or Run Extension is Attached.
  •  Onduline (corrugated bitumen) Roof to Inhibit Mites giving weather and predator protection
  •  Enclosed Roosting and Nesting Area
  •  Removable Parts for Ease of Cleaning
  •  Opening and Closing Pop-Hole Mechanism
  •  Easy to Move Grip Handles
  •  Outside Roosting Poles (to get them off the cold wet ground, they love to roost during the day)
  •  Pressure Treated, FSC Certified
  •  Guaranteed for 10 Years Against Wood Rot

Measurements: 1200mm wide x 1525mm deep x 1453mm high at the apex

Price is £549.99 including VAT

Additional items for your flock:

Weather pack – for vital weather protection against rain and freezing winds etc £64.99

Chicken Coop Wire Base – ensuring foxes can not dig under and into the coop 1200mm wide x 1525mm deep £94.49

Collapsible run extension -1200mm wide x 1220mm deep x 1140mm high, (supplied with roof) £158.39

Chicken Run Floor – to ensure foxes can not dig under and into the collapsible run £89.99

Wheel Kit  – £87.99

Delivery Charge: £12 Swindon, for all other areas please contact Enterprise works for a price, free collection.

Lead Time on request

To purchase your Chicken Coops please contact:

Enterprise Works
Units 1a & 1b Gipsy Lane
Tel: 01793 464646

Hens in Coop

Chicken Coop with Wheel Kit & Weather Pack

Coop & Run

Chicken Coop with Extended Run

Showing Roosting & Nesting Area

Chicken Coop Showing Roosting & Nesting Area