Group Chicken Course

Chicken Keeping can be easy, Val prides herself knowing that new and existing people who complete the keeping chickens course are: happy, contented and armed with all the necessary knowledge, to keep healthy chickens in their back garden.

This ‘how to keep chickens’ course is very informative, fun and gives you an opportunity to meet like minded people; come and see how it all works in a functional back garden. To allow for focused individual attention each course has a maximum of 6 people.

This one day chicken keeping course has been specifically designed for new and existing back garden keepers, to help you successfully start up and keep chickens in your backyard. The aim of this course is to show you how easy and enjoyable keeping chickens can be, if done correctly; with hands-on advice and practical tips. It will help you select the right breed to suit you, based on your expectations of chicken keeping, look at important features to identify the right coop and show you how to keep your hens healthy and laying, using preventative methods.

Keeping ChickensHow to keep Hens in your garden
Group Chicken Keeping Courses Cover:

  • Benefits and Rewards of Keeping Chickens.
  • The cost of keeping hens and the savings you can make
  • The Ease of Keeping Chickens: a chicken’s basic needs and welfare requirements
  • Breeds: discuss and help with the importance of choosing the right breed to match your expectations
  • Housing: the importance of choosing the correct coop, review a housing checklist; discuss the pros and cons of different coops available to help you make the right purchase. Guidelines of space required, nest boxes, perches etc. Tips for making your hens comfortable and safe; how to make it low maintenance.
  • Handling: how to handle and hold your chickens correctly, with practical handling on live hens and advice on inspecting health.
  • Feeding: present the various feeds available giving their advantages and disadvantages; along with other essential requirements to their diet. Tips on rodent distraction.
  • Predators consider who they are, danger times and ways to protect your hens.
  • Training: demonstration and discussion, how and why you need to train them
  • Eggs: your first eggs discuss when she will come into lay, how long it takes to produce an egg and the amount of eggs a breed can lay.
  • Health: observe and discuss signs of health and sickness; ‘what to look for’, preventative methods to keep them healthy and the supplements/medication available.
  • Parasites: the signs of various external and internal parasites, treatment and preventative methods to keep them at bay.
  • Moulting: when and why it occurs, care and maintenance to help the process.
  • Broodiness: identifying a broody hen, the problems and discuss ways of dealing with her.
  • Flying Hens: the advantages and disadvantages and how to clip a wing.
  • The Pecking Order: top chick and the hierarchy
  • Every day, weekly and monthly / quarterly care required
  • Your new arrivals: settling them in their new home
  • Dust-baths: it’s function, how to make one and additives to maintain good health
  • Introducing new hens: helping make the difficult transaction easy.
  • Cockerels, discuss the pros and cons
  • All questions answered and much much more…….

Times of course 10:30 to 15:00hrs.

A tasty two course lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge (Please advise if you are vegetarian).

You will be given a free 34 page information pack to use as a reference book, containing all the information covered on the course (value £10).

The hen keeping course will be held outside so you see how it all works (weather permitting).
Cost £60 per person.
A Non refundable deposit of £20 per person is required.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the course but will provide as much notice as possible (deposits will be returned if we do so) or we may amalgamate courses if attendance is low.

Qualified: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Leaning Sector (PTLLS). Fully Insured and CRB Checked

This Keeping Chickens Course is not suitable for children under the age of 14, children are fully catered for on the unique 1-2-1 course. Sorry no dogs.

chicken keeping course

To book a chicken course, please use our contact page to speak to Val

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For families or specific needs or more personal individual attention please see the 121 course Here

If there are no dates suitable for you please feel free to use the 121 course Here

How to Keep Chickenschicken keeping course

What some of our customers say about our chicken keeping course: 

for a full list of testimonials please click here

Judy and Martin – Devizes

We can wholeheartedly recommend Val’s course. She is so thorough and so knowledgable and the booklet given to us at the end covers everything you need to know about keeping chickens!
We believe anyone who is about to embark on chicken keeping should do this course…and not just for the sheer delight of seeing her bantams charge up from the bottom of the garden when she calls them!!
Lunch was great too…what more can we say??

David – Wantage

Thanks Val for a very informative day, I really enjoyed getting ALL my questions answered. Although I already have chickens this course is equally relevant for a complete beginner or people just wanting reassurance that they are doing the right thing. I would certainly recommend this course and the rhubarb crumble and custard was superb

Tim – Cheltenham

I think that this course is essential for anyone thinking of starting to keep chickens or indeed anyone with very little experience . Every aspect was covered in a clear and concise way and any queries that were raised were answered very precisely. Val is very knowledgeable and has filled me with enthusiasm. Any doubts that I had about keeping chickens in my garden were dispelled.There are so many potential pitfalls especially with respect to choosing a hen house and the best breed, and both these topics among many others were covered in detail.  All in all, a very enjoyable and rewarding day, with the bonus of an excellent lunch and plenty of tea!

Hugh –  Bristol

Val gave an excellent day of information. We covered a lot of ground but it was fun and practically based. I came away with enthusiasm for, and a belief in the possibility of, keeping hens in a very small garden. Practical tips came thick and fast as did encouragement. Thank you for a warm welcome; relaxing atmophere in which to learn and, a delicious lunch! I will recommend this course.

Elaine & Peter – Penhow, GWENT

What can I say, thank you for a fantastic day Val; I had been on a course prior to Chicken School and learnt nothing. I learnt so much from Val, the information pack is fab as was your lovely cooking. I would advise any and everyone to come to one of her courses. Chicken School says what it does on the label and more: is very informative and fun :-)

Nikki – Swindon

Thank you so much Val for a wonderful day, the course was at an excellent pace. I have no knowledge of chicken keeping, yet I have come away feeling very confident in caring for them. Also I was very impressed with the literacy that was handed out, it’s nice to have something to take home and read through. All-in-all I was very impressed.
Once again thank you Val, GREAT course and fantastic food.


Neil Forbes (Recognised RCVS and European College Specialist in Bird Medicine) states that it is imperative that poultry owners are well informed and trained in the care and husbandry of their birds. Neil states that suitable training is most readily gained by attending a chicken keeping course as run by organisations such as Chicken School.

About Val

Val always wanted to keep hens. Her first experience of hen keeping was moving to a house with a garden many years ago. She tried hard to gain experience by reading as many books as possible, but found that nothing beats hands on experience... which you cannot get until you attend a course or have your chickens.

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