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Qualified: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Leaning Sector (PTLLS). Fully Insured and CRB Checked

Some Testimonials and Stories

 Chicken School helped the owner of these chickens, they were in a bad state and due to unforeseen circumstances the owner did not realise how bad things were. Bringing new chickens without giving them the two week isolation period compounded problems by bringing diseases with them. Chicken School brought two of the hens back to Swindon Vets. Although one was put to sleep, the other hen was treated and collected by the owner with medication for the rest of her flock….I am pleased to say they are all on the mend.

Testimonial from owner in Surrey

I felt I must write to thank you for all the help you gave with my ailing chickens.  You were prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient.  Without your help and advice I am quite sure things would have gone from bad to worse.  Your ‘teach in’ was invaluable and the aide memoire is clear, concise and exactly what is needed.  The chickens (and of course the rooster) are looking better already and I feel very optimistic

Chicken School was approached by inmidtown (, an organisation that works with local businesses on a variety of projects, including roof-top farming and urban bee-keeping. Inmidtown were looking to work with a local park (Coram Fields) in Central London, to improve their current set up and create a better environment for their chickens and visitors.

Chicken School worked on a consultancy basis to get this project up and running and offered a bespoke plan of action involving the following:

1  Housing and Runs: Advice and support to change the existing site to a more pleasurable, workable site for all concerned.

2  Care and Maintenance: Recommending and providing information relating to the chickens needs and welfare, in order to conform to their ‘Duty of Care’ regarding Animal Welfare, Codes of Practice and various Legislations.

3  Breeds of Chickens: Provide information on the various chicken breeds, discussing the pros and cons of each breed to assist in determining which to keep on site, taking into consideration the desire to have different coloured hens and eggs.

4  Conforming to Their Responsibilities and the Law: Provide a comprehensive list and documentation to assist Coram Fields in understanding and complying with certain Codes of Practice and Legislation.

5  Visitors Centre and Education Program: Highlight Health & Hygiene responsibilities, Animal Welfare etc.  Listing educational facts and suggest possible visual displays which will help to develop a programme to engage visitors.

Photos of Before Chicken School’s Visit

Original Plot & Chickens Coram Fields

Original Hens & Layout Coram Fields

Testimonial from Mitch Steprans, Business Manager Inmidtown

“Val at the Chicken School was invaluable in getting us set up with the inmidtown urban chicken farm. As novices her site visit and subsequent advice on housing, feed and care allowed us to create the project with the confidence that our chickens would be happy and healthy. We approached her out based on links from the Poultry Club and she came back straight away, and was professional, helpful and knowledgeable throughout. She also introduced us to our fabulous chicken breeders and helped set up the volunteering programme”

Photos of After Chicken School’s Consultancy & Advisory 

After New Layout and Chicken Coop                      Chickens small

Much more pleasing for all concerned 

The Higgins family called Chicken School to their new home, to oversee the chickens that had been left by the previous owners, to get some help and advise to their inherited flock.

As you can see the house, run and chickens needed some much needed attention

   Before                                                                                                            After

 Testimonial from The Higgins Family in Cheddar

Thanks Val for all you have done, we could not have done it without you. The chickens are on top form and laying again, Emma and Josh get so much enjoyment from them now.

TWIGS. Chicken School has supported TWIGS for many years and visited them immediately once they reported a problem with one of their hens. After a trip to the vets and some advisory solutions they were soon up and running as normal

Testimonial from Alan Holland at TWIGS

Val has supported TWIGS for many years and helped us start our project of keeping hens. We noticed that one of our hens seemed unstable on her legs and asked Val to come and have a look, she came almost immediately and highlighted two poorly hens. Val recommended the two hens should visit the vets for diagnosis and treatment. Val also made several recommendations to ensure preventative methods were put in place. Our flock are much happier now. Thanks Val for all you help and knowledge.

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About Val

Val always wanted to keep hens. Her first experience of hen keeping was moving to a house with a garden many years ago. She tried hard to gain experience by reading as many books as possible, but found that nothing beats hands on experience... which you cannot get until you attend a course or have your chickens.

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