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Chicken School Distance Learning - 450I have often been asked if I offer a distance Chicken Keeping Course for people who can not attend Chicken School; so I have put one together.

Chickens are not an easy pet to keep if you don’t have prior knowledge, there are so many things to consider, it’s so important to get it right first time round or you may experience financial loss  and find it all very stressful, your chickens may not produce the eggs you were hoping for and suffer health problems through ignorance.

The distance learning Chicken Keeping Course will teach you everything you need to know: helping those thinking of  keeping chickens to understand what’s involved and if  it is suited to them, as well as new and existing keepers who would like to understand if they are doing it right and improvements that could be made, to ensure you get the best from your hens.

This is a full comprehensive course and will run through:

  • The cost of keeping chickens and the savings you can make
  • The Ease of Keeping Chickens: a chicken’s basic needs and welfare requirements
  • Breeds: explain and assist with the importance of choosing the right breed to match your expectations
  • Housing: the importance of choosing the correct coop, a housing checklist; to help you make the right purchase. Guidelines of space required; the coop, run, nest boxes and perches etc. Tips for making your hens comfortable and safe; how to make it low maintenance
  • Handling: different methods of handling a chicken correctly to pet or check for health
  • Feeding: present the various feeds available giving their advantages and disadvantages; along with other essential requirements to their diet. Tips on rodent distraction
  • Predators consider who they are, danger times and ways to protect your chickens
  • Training: demonstration and discussion, how and why you need to train them
  • Eggs: your first eggs, when she will come into lay, how long it takes to produce an egg and the amount of eggs a breed can lay
  • Health: The signs of health and sickness; ‘what to look for’, preventative methods to keep them healthy and the supplements/medication available to keep them in good condition
  • Parasites: the signs of various external and internal parasites, treatment and preventative methods to keep them at bay
  • Moulting: when and why it occurs, care and maintenance to help the process
  • Broodiness: identifying a broody hen, the problems and discuss ways of dealing with her.
  • Flying Hens: the advantages and disadvantages and how to clip a wing
  • The Pecking Order: top chick and the hierarchy
  • Every day, weekly and monthly / quarterly care required
  • Your new arrivals: settling them in their new home
  • Dustbaths: it’s function, how to make one and additives to maintain good health
  • Introducing new hens: helping make the difficult transaction easy
  • Cockerels, discuss the pros and cons

The 33 page course will be sent as a PDF document via e-mail cost £22

You also have a choice of a phone support and Chicken School can call you at your convenience to answer any questions you may have. 15 mins for £10. After payment please us the Contact us page to arrange a date and time for Chicken School to call you.


Below is a preview of 2 pages in the Distance Learning Course.

External Parasites...Scaly Leg External Parasites. Red Mites

About Val

Val always wanted to keep hens. Her first experience of hen keeping was moving to a house with a garden many years ago. She tried hard to gain experience by reading as many books as possible, but found that nothing beats hands on experience... which you cannot get until you attend a course or have your chickens.
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