Hatching Chicks in Schools

Hatching Chicks in Schools…. Incubation & Hatching Eggs in Schools & Other Organisations

Hatching Eggs in Schools, Nurseries, care Homes & other organisations

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Chicken School offers a wonderful classroom hatching chicks in schools activity at a very competitive price. These chick hatching lessons provide amongst many things an education to children and can be incorporated into the National Curriculum

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When it comes to Hatching Chicks in Schools we know what we are doing:

Chicken School is a very successful company who has delivered thousands of hatching eggs at schools, nurseries, child minders, home educators and care Homes throughout the UK for 10 years. We have an excellent reputation, pride ourselves with a first-class service and use of excellent visual equipment; animal welfare is paramount to our business (all chicks are returned to the farm to continue their growth, some are used for showing and won prizes, they are also kept for breeding, laying or sold). Where possible we use a variety of different breeds giving different sizes and coloured eggs (even blue) thus giving different sized and coloured chicks which adds a further dimension to hatching chicks in the classroom.

Many teachers believe in the motto “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I’ll remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  Hatching Chicks in Schools can fulfil your belief.

There is a whole range of fantastic educational ideas and experiences to make the ‘Egg n Chicks’ hatching eggs in schools project worthwhile or just simply awe and wonder at this process, you will experience the fun and excitement necessary for a good classroom project of chick hatching (not just your pupils but teachers and parents too).

Hatching Eggs in Schools, nurseries, Care Homes & Other OrganisationsHatching Chicks in Schools, nurseries, Care Homes & Other Organisations

 Hatching Chicks in Schools 

‘Egg n Chicks’ This 10 to 12 day lesson provides pre-incubated eggs (guaranteeing successful chick hatching), the chicks will hatch 2 to 3 days after delivery.

Hatching Chicks in the Classroom

Hatching Eggs in the Classroom

Hatching Eggs & Chicks at Schools

Everything you need for successfully hatching eggs in schools and chick care:

  • x 12 Fertilised pre-incubated eggs. pure breed (provides various coloured and size eggs and chicks) and/or Hybrid eggs, the eggs are 2-3 days from hatching, we always aim to deliver a minimum of 12 eggs, (this may vary due to fertility and animal welfare as we only incubate to order).
  • An Incubator for the hatching eggs, which gives the onlooker a 180° clear visual view of the hatching eggs and regulates the correct environment for successful chick hatching.
  • A Brooder offering a warm, safe and child friendly home for the chicks once they have hatched (the heat lamp is covered and child friendly). The latest technology ensures the correct temperature critical for chicks and gives excellent and easy viewing of the chicks. It can easily be moved from class to class or transported, everything is supplied.
  • All Sundries A drinker, food bowl, feed, sawdust and a car adapter to keep the chicks warm during transportation while taking them home at the weekend.
  • A Chick Care Handout an extensive manual explaining everything you need to know, including: illustrating candled eggs, pipping & the hatching chick’s stages, chick care and help on handling the chicks.
  • A Chick and Adult Identification Handout to help you identify the chicks, photos showing what they look like as adults and their various personalities and characteristics.
  • A list of the different breeds delivered to you so you can identify them from the Chick & Adult Identification Handout
  • Full set up and discussion of the important aspects of the egg and chick hatching program
  • 24 hour helpline Val is always available should you have a question or need support during the process
  • Risk Assessment we can supply or help your school with a Risk Assessment

Chicken School offers the latest technical equipment where child safety, quality and success are fundamental.  Animal welfare is paramount, all chicks hatched in schools are returned to the farm to continue their growth, they are used for Poultry Shows (a few have won prizes), laying, breeding or sold.

Egg n Chick Hatching for Schools & Other Organisations

hatching chicks in schools

Hatching Eggs in Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes

To avoid disappointment bookings are strongly advised for 2017, due to high demand bookings are taken as a ‘first come, first served basis.

The hatching chicks in schools delivery occurs on a Monday or Tuesday, Collection is Thursday or Friday the following week

The following dates for hatching eggs in schools and care homes are available:

Season Month
Spring February to May
Summer June to August
Autumn September to October

Val holds a CRB Disclosure: Number 001169717207

Chicken School has Full Liability Insurance

All Equipment is PAT Tested

Qualified: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Leaning Sector (PTLLS)

Qualified Transportation of Poultry certificate No: 711628

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Enquiries only accepted from a valid business E-mail address, please provide the name of your organisation, how many units you would like (discounts given for more than 1 unit) and 3 preferred delivery dates, we will do our best to accommodate your first selection.

The Price for the Hatching Eggs for Schools and other Organisations is: £255 (No VAT to Pay) £200 (No VAT to pay) for additional kits.

If you would like a specific hatching lesson please contact chicken school with your request and we will try our best to assist you. Click Here to Contact Us

The hatching chicks in schools service is available within a 15 mile radius of Swindon, for other areas please contact us via the link below for delivery prices. To find out where we are please us this link  (Please note toll or congestion zone charges which will be added accordingly).




Areas Covered: Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, North Hampshire, Surrey, West London, South Oxfordshire



Please note: -Sorry – We do not hatch Ducklings due to Health & Safety reasons

Because we are passionate about chicken welfare Chicken School has supported many schools who have wanted to keep chickens on their school grounds, advising on the best location, right coop, correct breed, running a chicken keeping course and helping with risk assessments. we also offer a consultancy and advisory service, exhibit, carry out presentations, talks and designed the perfect coop with the chickens welfare paramount. 

Some Testimonials

Hatching Chicks in Schools

We were fortunate enough to have 13 eggs delivered to our school.  The following two weeks were magical.  We were given everything we needed to safely hatch and look after our new little ‘fluffs’.  The children learnt so much from the experience, they were in before the bell rung (as well as parents) to see who had hatched over night, asking to stay in at lunchtime . . .and that was before they were old enough to be handled!  It allowed them to observe the process, understand and created a wealth of curriculum work around it across the two key stages.  We named them, gazed at the range of different chickens that hatched, invited toddlers in to share and were all very sad when they departed . . . . . many of us now want chickens of our own at home!!  The support from the chicken school was excellent, with a number to call if there was an emergency and everything very clear when setting up.  We will certainly be doing it again!

Miss Lindsay, Headteacher,  Bishopstone C of E Primary School 

What a treat for a new term ‘Chicken Schools hatching eggs in schools project’ – the whole school was a flurry of excitement when the incubator containing sixteen eggs appeared in the library. Coinciding perfectly with the new term’s value of ‘responsibility’. Can you believe we heard the chicks cheeping inside their eggs! The second day of term was one of the most exciting days in school that the staff could remember – overnight one little chick had hatched! The children were in raptures, naming her Merida after the hero in the film Brave. During break time, Merida was joined by Tiana and soon afterwards Belle (a yellow ball of cheeping fluff). Mrs Mellor, the headteacher, moved her desk into the library so she could alert staff and pupils to any ‘pipping’.
After three days, all the eggs had hatched and our little chicks were growing and developing quickly. The staff were amazed by the observations made by even the youngest children – which chicks were bossy, which had wings and how much they ate. Without any reminders, the chicks were treated with great respect and the responsibility of caring for them (under the guidance of teachers) was a superb lesson. The day before the chicks returned to the Chicken School, every child in school had the opportunity to hold a chick – they were quite pecky and strong by this time and the smiles on the children’s faces as the chicks danced in their hands before settling to doze, were priceless. The whole experience provided by The Chicken School was first class – the equipment was perfectly suited for use in a school, easy to maintain and of course Val was on the end of the phone – just in case! We, at Longcot and Fernham Primary School, would encourage any school to take advantage of Val’s expertise and the experience she provides – memories that will stay with our pupils for ever.

Siobhan Renfrey, Teacher, Longcot and Fernham Primary School

The children were so excited about hatching eggs coming to school. Even before the eggs began to hatch we had so much value from them as the children pretended to be doing talks to each other about the eggs, set up a cinema style area to watch them and drew pictures of what might emerge from the eggs. The eggs were in our reception classroom and soon began to influence all aspects of the EYFS curriculum. One of the most amazing things was watching our most reluctant writer’s beginning to create labels, captions, lists and write short stories all linked to the eggs and the chicks. When our two weeks were over and every chick had been named it was great to be able to tell the children that the chicks were going back to the farm where they had come from. Val was fantastic especially the initial chat she did with the children. She answered all their questions really well and the children didn’t want her to leave. As soon as they had gone we booked up for next year and I know that all the children in our school will be really excited the day the eggs arrive.

Clare Hodges, Deputy Headteacher, East Wichel Community Primary School

Hatching Chicks at Care Homes

St. Oswald’s residents are looking forward to next Easter already. Why? Well, this year for the first time they enjoyed being able to watch eggs being hatched and the young chicks running round in their early days. Located in the Resident’s Lounge the Chicken School, a local business, installed professional equipment for the eggs to hatch and then a separate area for them to live as well as correct food for them. Chloe Robbins, the Village Facilities Organiser, thought the chooks would be a nice attraction for the many young visitors who come to visit grandparents during the Easter holiday. But surprise, surprise, many of the residents were glued to the hatchery, awaiting the great day when the first chicken hatched out and then over the next week whilst the remaining eggs hatched. It was a great attraction to many of the less mobile residents who could enjoy watching the activities. Residents and staff  alike were sad to say goodbye to the chicks when  they returned to the Chicken School. “It went down so well that we shall definitely try and put it on again next Easter” said Chloe.

David Burke, St Oswald’s Retirement Village, Gloucester

Hatching Chicks in Schools

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The ‘Egg n Chicks’  hatching eggs for schools program can be used for teachers as a cross curricular spectrum and give basic understanding of subjects as diverse as:

Links to NNS, NLS and QCA Schemes of Work

  • Science –KSI & KSII: Ourselves – Matching adult and baby animals, how animals move, Living and non-living things. Interdependence and adaptation – Interdependence of plants and animals, food chains. Nutrition and the circulatory system.
  • Maths – Measurement, weight gain of chickens, water consumption, for data collection, analysis of data and graph work.
  • Art – exploring form and sketching techniques.
  • Literacy – report writing, explanatory text and recount work.

The Chicken School ‘Egg n Chicks’ hatching chicks in schools lesson give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop and increase their awareness of a life cycle and meaning of life.
  • Understand the laws of nature and experience Mother Nature.
  • Experience caring for another living being.
  • Broaden language and observation skills.
  • Learn and understand by experience.
  • Gain involvement and responsibility.


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Val always wanted to keep hens. Her first experience of hen keeping was moving to a house with a garden many years ago. She tried hard to gain experience by reading as many books as possible, but found that nothing beats hands on experience... which you cannot get until you attend a course or have your chickens.
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