Hatching Eggs in Schools

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Hatching Eggs in Schools

Witness the memorable and remarkable miracle of life

Chicken School is a very successful, professional company delivering thousands of hatching eggs in schools, nurseries, child minders and Retirement/Care Homes for 12 years. We have an excellent reputation, pride ourselves with a first-class service, utilising safe, child friendly, virtually 360° visual equipment for all to see the wonder of life as the eggs hatch and provide a safe, secure home for the Chicks to nurture!

Hatching Chicks in Schools

This wonderful 11 day hatching eggs in the classroom project is very competitive priced. We aim to deliver 12 eggs. This chick hatching experience provides amongst many things an education to children and can be incorporated into the National Curriculum. Or just sit back and watch the miracle of life.

We endeavour to delivery pure breed eggs thus providing another dimension to the Egg Hatching Project; giving different size & coloured eggs and chicks.

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~You can feel rest assured that we take animal welfare very seriously, all the chicks return to the farm to further their growth for more information please click here ~ Link to ‘Where do the Chicks Go’

Animal welfare is paramount to our business (all chicks are returned to the farm to continue their growth, some are used for showing and won prizes, they are also kept for breeding, laying, or sold). Where possible we use a variety of different breeds giving different sizes and coloured eggs (even blue) thus giving different sized and coloured chicks which adds a further dimension to hatching chicks in the classroom.

Based in Swindon we Cover the Following Areas: M4 Corridor, Berkshire, North Hampshire, Gloucestershire, South & East London, South Oxfordshire, North & East Surrey, North East of Somerset, Wiltshire.

We are passionate about what we do and understand this can be a nervous time for you. We want individuals responsible for the project to relax and enjoy the experience. The Hatching Chicks in the Classroom Project provides an extensive 4-page handout (with illustrations) to help you care for the hatching eggs and hatched chicks, to understand the process, providing you with everything you need to know for successful Hatching. On delivery, your representative will run through key points and respond to any questions you may have. We also offer a 24hr phone line should you need any help or answer any questions you may have.

The Chick Hatching Project is loved by all and is re-booked every year. The experience leaves extensive memories for all who witness the wonder it can give.

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Some Testimonials. For more please click here.

Dunalley Primary School, Cheltenham, Gloucester 

We have had several great experiences with Hatching Eggs from Chicken School. After trying an alternative company, we realised that Chicken School is definitely the best choice! Val provides a personal service and takes care when setting up the Eggs in the incubator, which has ensured we have had a successful hatch on both occasions. Chicken School provide safe equipment that gives good visibility for our children to observe the Eggs and Chicks. The Chicks appear extremely healthy and the variety of breeds makes the experience even more interesting.

Goldsworth Primary School, Woking,  Surrey 

We have been fortunate enough to have Chicken school bring us 13 eggs to our school with everything we needed to safely hatch them. The children are so excited and learn so much from this magical experience of watching new life. The rest of the school stay on high alert for any news of a new hatchling as do many of the parents. The children then have these little chicks to observe as they grow and love to write, paint and draw them. We were all very sad when they left us. The support from Val is always excellent and she is only a call away for information or in an emergency. We have used Chicken School for many years and we will certainly be doing it again!

Longcot and Fernham Primary School, Faringdon. Oxfordshire 

What a treat for a new term ‘Chicken Schools Hatching Eggs in schools project’ –  the whole school was a flurry of excitement when the incubator containing sixteen Eggs appeared in the library.  Coinciding perfectly with the new term’s value of ‘responsibility’. Can you believe we heard the Chicks cheeping inside their Eggs!

The second day of term was one of the most exciting days in school that the staff could remember – overnight one little Chick had hatched! The children were in raptures, naming her Merida after the hero in the film Brave. During break time, Merida was joined by Tiana and soon afterwards Belle (a yellow ball of cheeping fluff).  Mrs Mellor, the headteacher, moved her desk into the library so she could alert staff and pupils to any ‘pipping’.

After three days, all the Eggs had hatched and our little Chicks were growing and developing quickly.  The staff were amazed by the observations made by even the youngest children – which Chicks were bossy, which had wings and how much they ate. Without any reminders, the Chicks were treated with great respect and the responsibility of caring for them (under the guidance of teachers) was a superb lesson.

The day before the Chicks returned to the Chicken School, every child in school had the opportunity to hold a Chick – they were quite pecky and strong by this time and the smiles on the children’s faces as the Chicks danced in their hands before settling to doze, were priceless.    The whole experience provided by The Chicken School was first class – the equipment was perfectly suited for use in a school, very visual, easy to maintain and of course Val was on the end of the phone – just in case!  We, at Longcot and Fernham Primary School, would encourage any school to take advantage of Val’s expertise and the experience she provides – memories that will stay with our pupils for ever. 

Bisley Blue Coat School, Gloucestershire 

We had a great time learning about Chickens and the children in all 3 classes in the school were extremely enthused by the journey of our little feathered friends. The service was excellent, all equipment was clean, instructions were clear, timings were great. Would recommend highly and definitely would consider again next year.

St Oswald’s Retirement Village, Gloucester 

St. Oswald’s residents are looking forward to next Easter already. Why? Well, this year for the first time they enjoyed being able to watch Eggs being hatched and the young Chicks running round in their early days. Located in the Resident’s Lounge the Chicken School, a local business, installed professional equipment for the Eggs to hatch and then a separate area for them to live as well as correct food for them. Chloe Robbins, the Village Facilities Organiser, thought the chooks would be a nice attraction for the many young visitors who come to visit grandparents during the Easter holiday. But surprise, surprise, many of the residents were glued to the hatchery, awaiting the great day when the first Chicken hatched out and then over the next week whilst the remaining Eggs hatched. It was a great attraction to many of the less mobile residents who could enjoy watching the activities. Residents and staff alike were sad to say goodbye to the Chicks when they returned to the Chicken School. It went down so well that we shall definitely try and put it on again next Easter.

 Even Swindon Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire                                                                                        

The Chicken School is a fantastic way of introducing children to lifecycle sciences. From Egg to Chick, all our children in school have gained a valued experience from seeing how they develop. Val has been brilliant in helping giving us tips and knowledge on how best to take care, recognise breeds and how the Chicks develop after they have returned back to the farm. I would definitely recommend and will be returning with next years, year 1 to have the Chicks again.

St Francis CofE Primary School, Swindon, Wiltshire              

We have been using Val’s Chicken School for several years for our Reception Classes at St Francis CofE Primary School.  Each year we receive a friendly, efficient service and find that Val is always available to answer any chick/egg related questions we have.  Our whole school becomes involved in the experience with all Year Groups “visiting” the chicks.  With the addition of WebCams we have been able to involve our whole school community and find that parents are just as excited as their children about our new arrivals.  The amount of learning we gain from hatching the chicks in school is fantastic, with children being inspired in writing, science and art. We would not hesitate to recommend Val to anyone.