Helping Schools Keep Chickens

As well as our Hatching Egg Project we can assist you in keeping your own hens on your premises.

Because we are passionate about chicken welfare Chicken School has supported many schools who have wanted to keep chickens on their school grounds. We can advise the best location, right coop, correct breed, run a chicken keeping course and help with risk assessments. Animal welfare is paramount to our business.

Hatching Eggs for a classroom activity
Hatching Eggs in the classroom activities

Please note all our chicks are  returned to the farm to ensure all hens and cockerels are provided for, we do not allow schools or individuals to keep the chicks as they are not sex-able at such a young age; having one or more cockerels is not feasible~

If you would like to use our services to help you keep chickens in your organisation please use the contact us form


Chicken School Visited Lawn Primary School, Swindon

We had a fantastic morning with Val from the Chicken School.  The children involved learnt the importance of acting gently and quietly around the birds and that they needed to be looked after by us all.  The staff and children held the chickens and hand fed them with live mealworms – quite an achievement for staff and children!

We learn a lot about our chickens including:

  • How to handle safely and calmly to enable us to check the birds over and the importance of handling on a regular basis.
  • The necessity of keeping a clean and fresh environment which will ensure healthy chickens and eggs. This includes their emotional welfare to ensure they are not stressed or bored which can lead to bickering and illness.
  • Which food to give and when, the importance of grit, oyster shell and fresh water, how we should present the food i.e. keeping feeders off the ground and at a convenient height so they don’t stand in their pellets/ water and contaminate them.
  • The products that are best to ensure the chicken house is a healthy environment and which areas that are susceptible to mould/bacteria. We also learnt the best ways of cleaning, the importance of preventative work and the regularity it should be performed.
  • The diseases and parasite problems that can affect chickens and how and where to check for them and the subsequent treatment.

Comments from the children

‘I loved holding the chickens because they felt all warm and soft’

‘I liked the lady putting the worms on my hand’

‘The red mite make the chickens not very well’

‘I check that the tails are all up – if the tail isn’t up then they are sad’

We loved learning about the chickens and loved holding them and finding out how to look after them.

Thank you Val from the Thame Partnership of Schools, Thame, Oxon

Val was obviously a very experienced and capable chicken owner and was happy to pass her knowledge and experiences to us in a very calm and interesting way.  We will try our best to be responsible chicken own

Thanks to Val we can now move forward with our ‘Chicken project’.

We needed help with a risk assessment for an Extended Schools project. This was a joint venture with Lord Williams’s Secondary School and Mill Lane Primary School in Thame, Oxfordshire.

The older children were building the chicken coops, the younger children incubating the eggs. With the involvement and responsibility of rearing and caring for the chickens and the knock on production of eggs, we hoped to engage children from both school, inspiring their learning and increasing their self esteem.

If successful we would roll this project out to the other eight primaries in our Partnership. We had to get it right, but although we had done a lot of ground work, we really didn’t know where to start with the health and safety issues and the risks involved.

When set with the challenge, Val did the research, contacted Defra, and using her vast knowledge pulled out the relevant areas based on health and welfare and issues relating to schools. We then had a very productive afternoon and finished by reviewing the risks involved.

We were all very impressed by Val’s preparation, the detailed and clear presentation, together with the amount of information that Val had put together. At times it was quite daunting but we ended up even more determined, confident and convinced that the benefits of this project were enormous.