How To Start Your Own Online Casino and Poker Gaming Business

In the UK, population of people living and working in areas like Ramsbottom, Stoke-on-Trent, Cambridgeshire, Harlow, Derry andingleworth, are all in great need of good jobs. These are the type of jobs that the online gambling industry is offering. In fact, in addition to the great opportunities of furthering your career, playing online games in casinos is a great form of leisure.

citing the example of Ready forwhen discussing his online casino, Jackson MacAskill, Colonel of the British military from postings in Northern Ireland, revealed that the reason for his retirement was a £3.5 million fortune given to him by the Barings Bank. This was just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the vast fortune that the Barings Bank deposited in the British economy as a whole.

However, it is obvious that online casinos are set to become very popular forms of recreation and entertainment in the UK in the coming years, with no end in sight to the budget deficit.

In the USA, where there is a ban on online gambling in many states, a different kind of gambling is going on. It is an underground gambling pool that has sprung to life in recent years, with many gamblers and gambling institutions making money and a fortune in what is being described as an underground gold rush. This article throws light on an underground gold rush in the UK poker rooms.

An anonymous source recently emailed The Sunday Times fifteen anonymously written poker Stars reviews for their Chit Chat section.

The source said that the reviews were not false, but rather deep insights into the games played in the rooms.

The source claimed that 666 was not the most frequently played number in the UK poker rooms and that there was no rhyme or rhythm to the way that the numbers were obtained. For instance, the source stated that Mondays are the best day to play poker, while Wednesday is the worst. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

The source went on to reveal that information about four of the five cards held in the hand of one of the players was hidden and could not be seen. So even in an early hand, the player holding the best hand has a good chance of hiding it well.

The final piece of the puzzle in this underground gold rush is that the source claimed that nobody was being paid to play in the rooms. He also revealed that half of the stakes in the rooms came from British citizens.

Says the source:

  1. “It’s not a scam. These people are real and I have made huge money from underground football pools. The problem is that most of the big names are involved so the draws are very cutthroat.
  2. “The thing is that with these big names there is a lot of noise. Everybody wants to be in the draws and I remember one draw where I went in as a 13 and got kings full of spades. I filled in the form with a Td and I only got a million on a million pound jackpot.
  3. “I would have been much better off in the health shop. I probably would have got a nice meals courtesty of the program.”
  4. The source revealed that when the program was operating, meals were served in the rooms for the entire week.
  5. One poker player, who preferred anonymity, said that the program’s operation was a farce and very dangerous.
  6. He said the information was given to me by a current player who I have never heard of.
  7. “He would take me to the rooms and everything cost money. Even the smallest rooms have a loss limit. He would say that the draw was very poor and that we could get some good cards for free by going to the health club.
  8. “There used to be draws on Friday and Saturday nights each priced at $3, $6 and $ 9. The procedure is that you go to the health club and if you have a ticket to the draw; you win and you go back to the room.
  9. “They (the players) would bet with the health club. One time, a player bet his house and his wife took him to the medical center. The affair was discovered and the player was basically blacklisted for life from the health club.
  10. “Another player was blacklisted even though the wife told the doctor that he had nosebleed. The doctor wrote a prescription for him and warned him not to draw blood.