Incubator & Brooder Hire

Incubation Hire or Tragedy Hire of Hatching Equipment

If you would like to carry out your own hatching exercise or your equipment has failed, Chicken School can offer you a solution.

We can provide various equipment to meet your needs, from an incubator, to candler, brooder or heat lamp

An incubator using the latest technology for successful hatching

A Candler to show fertility & chick development

Brooders giving the right environment for early stages of growth

Heat Lamps which can be located at any suitable location to start hardening them

Full kit includes:

  • Incubator R-Com Digital, holds 20 eggs  & Candler  (28days)
  • Brooder Cage (14 days)
  • Brooder EcoGlow
  • Heat Lamp (35 days)

Price is £220, a deposit of £300 is also required

Price for separate equipment:

  • Incubator R-Com Digital, holds 20 eggs & Candler (28 days) £150
  • Brooder Cage ( per week) £15
  • Brooder EcoGlow (per week) £5
  • Heat Lamp (per week) £4
A deposit of £300 is required for the incubator. £50 for all other equipment

Deposit required, all equipment is Pat tested, a contract will be required

All equipment to be collected and returned to Chicken School, delivery is available at an extra cost

Full instructions and chick care sheet available free

Please use the ‘Contact us’ form with your enquiry