‘Mailed From Gibraltar’ Lottery Tickets

Just like the UK lotto, the player must pick 7 out of 45 numbers in order to win the jackpot. The rules are simple; you pick 7 numbers from 1 to 45. You have the chance to choose between you are likely to win and unlike the UK lotto you pick the same numbers in every draw. There is also another option where you can take part in “Superdraws” which eradicates all losing numbers from your 5 draws and if you miss out completely then you can request for a prompt which is the equivalent to a mini-draw.

Cards are also sold in the Gibraltar Lottery sometimes called “Euromillions”, the name given to the el gordo. Euromillions is the wealthy world’s first cross border lottery and was a revolutionary way of lottery playing until it was introduced.

Tickets are available from as little as 5 pence to the higher priced tickets available, the tickets are usually very affordable and the publicity for the Gibraltar lottery has been impressive. Despite the somewhat Polytechnic look and feel of the Gibraltar Lottery and perhaps its status as a bit of a mystery there is much more to it than first meets the eye.

You could perhaps guess that there is something of a usingly odd mixture of characters that helped it to achieve such a success and that perhaps it is not simply about chance. As well as the prize for matching 7 out of 45 numbers, another very unique feature of the Gibraltar lottery is the “Superdraws” feature that is activated by a lucky player who matches not only the winning number drawn but also 3 other unique numbers.

The matched numbers must obviously be in order and must be within the first 2 or 3 drawn numbers.

You cannot have other numbers carried over. If you miss out on the superdraws feature then the opportunity to improve your hand with the next draw is yours.

The official gordo tickets are very simple to play and no numbers need to be matched to win. Matching 3 out of the 5 columns or rows wins you the equivalent of £2 per week. 4 columns across pays out £20 weekly, 5 columns down wins £40 and 6 columns across the £80.

In the event of more than one winner there is, of course, a prize for the matching, same goes for the superdraws, however, if this does not happen then the same funds can be invested on a different game and perhaps even a third one. The advantage of superdraws is that because they are in place of the losing numbers you not only stand the chance of improving your hand to win but you also have the potential of a free roll prize for the very likely event that you fail to match all the numbers.

The third element of the Gibraltar lottery is the “Hot Ball” draw, this is available 8 times a week in October and November. The Gibraltar board of lottery select 5 hot numbers, these are the 5 most frequently picked in practice drawings within the last 12 months. The balls are drawn from a drum that is fashioned like a lottery wheel.

The odds of picking the correct 5 numbers to win the jackpot, when selecting the Hot Ball draw, are 1 in 13,983,816. In effect you have to agree to double your stake if you want to win the jackpot earmarked as the Hot Ball number. Otherwise you can let the Gurremove machine ticket the numbers it picks to win the jackpot and hope for a budget. The final drawing of the gordo slots is filter based and so numbers picked have a better chance of being filters than any other draw.

Gurus of the gordo slot machine era have suggested the number 42 as being the essence of success.

  • The number 42 has been a popular number in the United States for many years and the number of times it has appeared in gordo slot machine tickets has been almost equal to the number of times it has been drawn as a hot ball. The final number in the sequence is 4. While playing Iote’s gold mine you can often see the number 4 and if you count the number of times it has been drawn, it can be worked out, as it appears in almost every week’s game.
  • These are the three mainstays of progressive jackpots and the bonus ball number in Euro Disney, the floating casino and the nightclub in Caesars, the Europa Casino ship.