See How it Works

Photos & Sequence of The Eggs Hatching & Where the Chicks go

Stage 1 ~ Watch & Listen

Once we deliver your eggs action will soon begin. You may witness the eggs wobble as the chick gets into position and starts pipping through the shell with it’s egg tooth. You may even hear the chick chirp from inside the egg, you could chirp back to encourage it.

Chicken Eggs for the classroom

Stage 2 ~ The Wonder of Life

The chick has hatched in the incubator, it’s very tired and wet but will soon dry in the incubator and flourish

Chicken Eggs in classroom

Stage 3 ~ How Cute am I

The chicks do not need any food or water while in the incubator, just warmth, they will take some hours to dry and recover. The chicks can then be moved with some friends into the warm brooder.

classroom Hatching Eggs

Stage 4 ~ I’m Going to Grow Big & Strong

The chicks are very happy in the Brooder with lots of friends to talk and play with, having the right temperature to keep them warm. They have food and water to flourish; your soon see them grow.  The Chick Identification will tell you all about the chick, what it will look like as an adult and their different personalities, yes, each breed and individual chick will have it’s own personality.

Classroom Hatching Chicks in Schools

Stage 5 ~ Where the Chicks go

Animal welfare is paramount to our business. Once the Hatching Chick Project is over and collected by Chicken School, all chicks hatched at schools are returned to the farm to continue their growth. They are entered into Poultry Shows (some have won prizes) kept for free range eggs, breeding or sold.

hatching egg provider