Cindy Brown – Chester

Thanks Val for a fantastic day, I learnt so much and you free booklet is so useful; I have not put it down. And thanks for the lovely food…Yum 🙂

Becky – Norwich

Fantastic day. All I needed to know and all my questions answered..without me asking them. The presentation pack is great for future reference, thanks Val I shall definitely recommend your course

Sally White – Norwich

A fantastic day, thanks Val. A great teacher and cook. I would recommend this course to any!

Janice Baxter – Swindon

Thanks for a super day on Saturday Val. The course was brilliant and l can highly recommend it to novices like myself.


Judy and Martin – Devizes

We can wholeheartedly recommend Val’s course. She is so thorough and so knowledgable and the booklet given to us at the end covers everything you need to know about keeping chickens!
We believe anyone who is about to embark on chicken keeping should do this course…and not just for the sheer delight of seeing her bantams charge up from the bottom of the garden when she calls them!!
Lunch was great too…what more can we say??


David – Wantage

Thanks Val for a very informative day, I really enjoyed getting ALL my questions answered. Although I already have chickens this course is equally relevant for a complete beginner or people just wanting reassurance that they are doing the right thing. I would certainly recommend this course and the rhubarb crumble and custard was superb


Tim – Cheltenham

I think that this course is essential for anyone thinking of starting to keep chickens or indeed anyone with very little experience . Every aspect was covered in a clear and concise way and any queries that were raised were answered very precisely. Val is very knowledgeable and has filled me with enthusiasm. Any doubts that I had about keeping chickens in my garden were dispelled.There are so many potential pitfalls especially with respect to choosing a hen house and the best breed, and both these topics among many others were covered in detail.  All in all, a very enjoyable and rewarding day, with the bonus of an excellent lunch and plenty of tea!


Hugh –  Bristol

Val gave an excellent day of information. We covered a lot of ground but it was fun and practically based. I came away with enthusiasm for, and a belief in the possibility of, keeping hens in a very small garden. Practical tips came thick and fast as did encouragement. Thank you for a warm welcome; relaxing atmophere in which to learn and, a delicious lunch! I will recommend this course.


Nikki – Swindon

Thank you so much Val for a wonderful day, the course was at an excellent pace. I have no knowledge of chicken keeping, yet I have come away feeling very confident in caring for them. Also I was very impressed with the literacy that was handed out, it’s nice to have something to take home and read through. All-in-all I was very impressed.
Once again thank you Val, GREAT course and fantastic food.


Paul  – Calne

Many thanks Val for a very interesting, informative and entertaining day. I certainly learnt a lot! Now I am off to trade in the “egloo”!!! Once again thanks for a great day, especially the crumble!


Elaine & Peter – Penhow, GWENT

What can I say, thank you for a fantastic day Val; I had been on a course prior to Chicken School and learnt nothing. I learnt so much from Val, the information pack is fab as was your lovely cooking. I would advise any and everyone to come to one of her courses. Chicken School says what it does on the label and more: is very informative and fun 🙂


Carol – Aylesbury

Thanks, Val, for a lovely day (21/03/10) especially the weather! I now feel a lot more confident about embarking on a life with chickens, having totally fallen in love with your “girls”. I would thoroughly recommend the day to anyone who is a bit nervous about the responsibilities- I can’t say it’s going to be easy, but so rewarding and great to know the advice and support is there if needed.


Caroline – Wiltshire

I had a consultancy/ advisory session with Chicken School which proved invaluable for someone starting out in the poultry business. Val is really thorough and knowledgeable. Thanks for setting me straight about a few things! I would really recommend Val to anyone, novice or more experienced.


Tim, Liz and Kids – Bristol

Extremely informative, very valuable lesson for us all. Val was so hospitable with the kids and makes a great cup of tea!! The chickens were equally warm and friendly and didn’t seem to mind our tribal invasion of small children. If you have not yet been and are not sure if you should go then do, it’s worth every penny and you will end up knowing you have made the right decision and what to do should your new girls become broody, poorly or feisty. So much quicker than reading all those books and trying to work out what is good advice and what should be ignored.


Kevan Rothwell – Luton, Bedfordshire

I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of having back garden chickens.Val really knows her stuff, from choosing the right breed of chicken that suits you and your garden to the correct type of coop. I would like to thank you Val for a great day.This was my very first experience handling chickens and it will now not be my last.Any doubts I had before have all gone.I’d also like to thank Chris for the drinks and food.


Rebekah and Dave – Rotherham

Just to say thank you so much we really enjoyed our day, we learnt so much from Val, if we hadn’t attended your school we could have ended up with totally the wrong breed of chicken for us, thank you, we now have three lovely pekin bantams that are great fun and trained!! Who would have thought it,thank you also for making us feel so welcome, the kids loved it.


Lesley – Marlborough

Thank you Val for a very enjoyable and informative day! I learnt so much more in the time than all the books I had read which had left me confused. I feel much more confident now about getting some chickens and having a go myself. Also your beautiful garden and healthy looking lawn are testament to the fact that keeping chickens does not mean an end to these things! I also feel much more confident about keeping away the rats and foxes. So that’s all the objections overcome – time to go chicken shopping!


Judy – Reading

Val filled me with hope. I had enough enthusiasm for my 3 ex-battery chickens, but they are trashing my garden – to see Val’s was testiment to keeping chickens and being proud of your garden. The course was excellently balanced for new chicken owners or more experienced alike. Val could answer all questions asked and OH other than provide a tasty lunch, gave me the information I might need in culling. I too am looking forward to the launch of the new hen house which I think is an excellent idea. I so enjoyed meeting Val’s feathered friends as well.


Deb – Newark

Very useful day – appreciated you travelling to us. Good to know you have seen our set up and been able to assess our girls and give first hand advice on whats good and whats not. Thank you


Denise & Greg – Warminster

Val. We had a brilliant day – great weather, engaging company of both the feathered kind and your good self. An excellent course that answered all of our questions and more. Great value and peace of mind as we set out on our poultry adventure. Thank you SO much.


Debbie & James Croxford – Swindon

What a great day my son and I had Val inspired us with confidence that we are doing the right things in caring or our 6 ex battery hens and they taught so much more, I have also phoned and asked advice over the phone nothing is to much trouble for them. Thaks to you both.


Sara Turnbull – Amersham, Bucks

This course is so thorough and Val is so passionate about chicken welfare that I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I have kept chickens for three years but there were huge gaps in my knowledge which have now been filled. My ‘girls’ are going to benefit enormously from my day at chicken school and I think experienced chicken owners could benefit from Val’s knowledge. I am looking forward to getting one of her hen houses when they come on the market.


Julie and Mike daw – Weston s Mare

We joined you on Sunday 5 April 2009 and spent a great day with you and the other course members in the garden. Please thank your OH again for our lunch. We had been on another course last year before we got our hens but they didn’t tell us enough about the day to day business of keeping chickens.
Val was able to answer all our questions and the book we were given is brilliant. Val has also helped me via e.mail over individual problems. I think this is brilliant and it is reassuring to know that there is someone you can contact for help and advice.
We have purchased 2 point of lay hens from Annie Hall in Siston (recommended by Val) since doing the course and she is another lovely, helpful lady.
Thanks again for a memorable day.


Sarah – Chandlers Ford

I came on the Chicken Keeping Course yesterday. Thank you for making me so welcome. Lovely lunch and lots of coffee!

The course was very imformative and gave me lots to think about. Just what I wanted to know before I get my chickens! The day was also great fun! Thank you


Sarah & Phil – Bristol

My husband and i attended a 1-2-1 session with Val last week and would like to highly reccomend it for anyone thinking about getting chickens or who already has chickens. We have 21 chickens, first getting some last summer and adding some new ones this year, so we had already encountered and dealt with many chicken issues, and had certainly read & researched alot of information on chicken keeping already, So we were,nt really sure if it was worthwhile attending a course. But we really wanted some hands on training to gain confidence in handling & inspecting the birds (something you can,t get from a book). So we booked & Val tailored the course to our situation, missing out information we already knew but actually giving us lots of information that we did’nt know. We came away with lots of tips and helpful advise and also confident to properly hanlde our birds. That afternoon our chickens had their first “proper” check over including their vents! So many thanks.


Caroline and John – South Wales

Thanks for a great course, we found it really useful. It transformed our ideas about the type of hens to get, the type of house, the way to look after the hens and who is going to clean them out! It also fired our enthusiasm. We are off to get our first ever hens tomorrow – wish us luck.


Jane Tagg – Wells, Somerset

I attended Chicken School last weekend and wanted to say a huge thank you to Val. It was a lovely spring sunny day (in contrast to when I was originally scheduled to attend in the snow in February) so we were able to sit in the garden. Val’s enthusiasm was infectious and she passed on loads of really useful and practical information. The reference book is brilliant to refer back to too. I’ve had hens for 7 years and still found it really useful and wished I gone on this before I got them. I learned loads and was especially grateful for the handling session. I have a phobia about picking them up and learning the proper technique will hopefully help me master my girls. I totally recommend this course and am sure that mine are already benefitting from my new knowledge. Thank you.


Zoe Gray – Stoke Gifford, Bristol

A lovely day spent sitting in the sunshine in Val’ s garden surrounded by gorgeous bantams! Val’s tutoring was very easy to understand and follow, with tons of useful information. I’m already the proud owner of 4 hens but there were still lots of hints and tips that will improve the wellbeing of my girls and I’ve already started training my girls to come when called as Val’s bantams do!
Overall a fantastic day and well worth the money – I now feel that I am doing the best I possibly can to ensure my hens have a very nice life.


Mike – Swindon

I had a great day learning all about chickens, how to look after them, what environment they need and now feel confident to take on a few myself. I went to Chicken School in December and found Val a very good teacher who makes the training interesting and informative and you get the opportunity to learn with her ladies. The book she provides is also very good and will be somehing I refer to regularly. If you are a novice or a are unsure I would recommend this course to you.


Roz – Newport Pagnell

What a lovely day I spent in your gardens learning about chickens.
I really came as a novice and felt I learnt all I needed to get started.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day -it comes highly recommended.
Once I have purchased my chickens I will invite you over for a 1:1 session with my children.
Course is well recommended.


Diana – Devies

Thank you for an excellent day – informative, interesting and enjoyable. So much better than trying to learn from a book! You can’t ask questions of a book and no matter how good the instructions, there is nothing like the experience of handling a live chicken. Your booklet, however, has been most useful for re-capping on what you taught on the day. I came away feeling well-informed and much more confident – a very worthwhile day. Thank you also for a delicious lunch


Martin  – Charlton Marshall, Dorset

Fantastic day. Very informative and comprehensive; the booklet is great too. I cannot recommend the day enough and definitely worth the drive. Lunch was tasty as well.


Simon – Yeovil

Very informative, lots of useful information, far more than you can pick up from reading a book! Even more than they let on in the course details, covered every topic and added things like culling (not something I want to do but might have too one day, so at least I have the know how). I would certainly receommend anyone thinking of keeping chickens to go to Chicken School first. A great experience.


Lesley & Tony Swannick – Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

We went to Chicken School to learn how to look after chickens, and we learned much more. Val was informative, friendly, hospitable and very nice person. We enjoyed the experience very much and came away knowing much more than we did reading books and you don’t get the experience of holding a real live chicken in a book, (although the ones on the pages of a book don’t steal your cheese & pickle sandwich). We now look forward to getting our first little brood of girls. Thank you Val for the best ‘school’ day we have had.


Janie Goldsmith – Swindon

Just a note to thank you so much for your valuable advice and information; 2 months have passed since we came to your course and we have already seen a marked difference in the health of our hens and they are laying again. It was well worth every penny and I wish I had come to you before I started keeping chickens, it would have saved me so much money, stress and guilt in the long run.


Sally and Daniel  – North Devon

Just a quick note to thank you so much for helping my son with his quest to keeping his chickens healthy, not having a clue myself but wanting to support him in pursuing his project, thanks to your wonderful course I can now help him, the booklet is especially informative. Being dyslexic not doing well academically and being so indifferent to others, his hobby of keeping the chickens gives him so much pleasure. Your patience and bond with him has had such a profound affect on him, he was so proud to show you the photos of his chickens and you helped him so much to help him understand what he was doing right and what he could do to improve things. When we got home he was straight to it changing things and in 2 weeks we have seen so much difference.


Jean – Torbay

We went along to Val’s course on 27th July, and would like to thank Val for all her advice, the course is a must and we would recommend it to any prospective chicken keeper. I had done a great deal of reserch on chicken keeping, but felt I needed expert advice before our chickens arrived and the house was chosen. I still had many questions and told Val that if she did not cover them during the course I would put the questions to her at the end. Val covered all the questions during her course and gave us so many tips plus good advice. I would not like to have got our chickens without going on this course. We left feeling that we were ready to go ahead , and our house and chickens will soon arrive. If Val had one of her chicken houses ready for sale we would have bought it. As it is we know we are buying the right type of house for our situtation, because of Val’s advice. We also know all the products, feeds, feeders and drinkers to buy, thanks to Val, and how to look after our chickens in the correct and best way. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, and it may well stop you wasting money buying the wrong house, chickens, and products. Also we must thank her husband for the refeshments.


Malcolm and Julia and Rachel Wiggins  – Lichfield Staffordshire

Just writing to thankyou for the wonderful morning at Chicken School with you and the ‘girls’.The chickens were so entertaining in your pretty garden.The information that you impart is invaluable and we left your school feeling we were happy to start our own family of chickens at home armed with our new knowledge.We had such fun and your kind hospitality was much appreciated! Thanks once again and we shall keep in touch, best wishes Malcolm ,Julia and Rachel.


Karl Curtis – Swindon

Thanks for a great experience at Chicken School.
Ursula and I learnt a lot, and reading every book under the sun does not equate to a course like this. This is a must for any prospective Chicken keepers as Chicken School gives you a complete run down on what really to expect. Val uses her knowledge and experience to give you a comprehensive guide to all aspects of Chickens and the joy they can bring.
We now have three Pekin Bantams and hopefully will have some Maran Bantams shortly. No doubt we will keep in contact with Val and look forward to enjoying our new pets.
Many thanks!


Rev. Carol Stone – Swindon

It’s difficult to know where to begin…It started with my poorly Gertie – a Rhode Island red crossed with a Light Sussex. Traumatised and no longer laying she had quickly changed from being lively and independent to a very sickly chicken indeed. I was desperate for help and advice. A phone call to Val was the beginning of a journey that was to be a roller coaster of emotions that took me from the depths to the heights and every station in between! Val – a complete stranger welcomed us both and in all the agony of Gertie’s deteriorating condition proved a constant source of strength, kindeness and encouragement. Val’s considerable experience was invaluable – she told me exactly how things stood and could not have done more for Gertie or myself! How did it end? A trip to the vets – to the Great Western Referrals Practice here in Swindon. There was no doubt in all our minds that Gertie was dying and the only decision left was whether surgery could save her or not. It all happened last week-end and I am thrilled to say that Gertie pulled through and is now doing fantastically! She lost a third of her body weight in the operation – a mass of eggs and shells and yoke. There was no way she could have healed herself – the surgeon said she was also awash with infection. She returned home last Saturday evening the same day as the surgery and has been nursed back to health over this past week. Just to see her now is such a joy – scratching and strutting around and running as fast as her legs will carry her whenever I appear out of the back door! What a time we all have had! Thank you Val for everything. I cannot express enough how you made the difference when everything seemed so bleak.I shall always have occasion to be grateful for your kindness, constancy and sheer professional knowledge. Without your help I cannot begin to contemplate how things would have worked out. I wish you every success in the important work that you continue to do.
With my sincere thanks,


Harriet – Prior’s Court School

Many thanks Val for an enjoyable day at Chicken School and for all your help and advice afterwards. Our 6 Black Rock chickens have settled in well to their new life at School and the students are enjoying looking after the chickens immensely. Feeding titbits is a favourite job for all, creating many smiles and much laughter.


Janine Smith – Blandford, Dorset

Thank you so much Val for such and enjoyable and informative day yesterday. Both Catherine (6) and Charlie (1) loved meeting the chickens (and Ben the dog) and we all learnt SO much. I read your booklet from cover to cover when I got home – very clear and informative. Would like to highly recommend Chicken School to anyone who is considering keeping chickens and especially to those who, like us, have had chickens thrust upon them! My little gang will be much happier for having met you. Thank you.


Sam Woolley – Calne

Val, I have been waiting for months for this day, when I can write on your Guest Book to say that my Pekins have arrived! I enjoyed your day course so much, it gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to get into chicken keeping. I am so grateful to you for all your extremely helpful, down-to-earth advice. Thanks so much! Sam


Angie – Marlborough

Thanks Val, We all really enjoyed the course, thank you so much for your patience with Josh, you really helped him over come his fears of chickens, and he is very exited about having his own chickens now. Your advice on selecting the right breed and house was very useful and we now know what to do to keep them healthy and laying nice eggs for us. The booklet has come in handy as I couldn’t remember everything. Thanks for the constant refreshments. Angie and Co


Tara – Newbury

Hi Val, thank you for visiting us and advising us on what we could do about the problems we were having with our hens. The literature and booklet you so kindly gave us has also been very useful. We have made lots of changes and petal is looking much happier now.
Tara, Pete and girls.


Sally, Brian and Katie – Winchester

Thank you so much for our time at Chicken School, myself, Brian and Katie, got so much from it and compared with the other group course we attended before coming to Chicken School, the 1-2-1 course definitely worked great for us and worked out cheaper. We never realised or thought how important it is to get the right breed to suit us and with your help, we have now decided to get Pekin Bantams and we will be collecting them in March. Seeing and holding your hens really inspired us and we now know how to look after them properly, your simple ideas of labour saving tips and keeping them healthy by being preventative has been such an inspiration for us. We just wish we had come to you first. Well worth the money and thanks again.
Sally, Brian and Katie.


Gill- Swindon

Val, Thank you so much for a wonderful time, meeting your lovely girls and great dog. You made the whole learning about getting started with chickens and caring for them easily understandable, which has given me lots to think about when I get my own.
Your practical advice was very much appreciated and the ‘hands on’ approach was definitely a winner with me. So much better than just reading books.
Thanks for a lovely day and for my extra pressies. You’re great!


Tamsyn, David & Mabel – Portishead

Dear Val
Thank you so much for giving us such a great ‘chicken experience’. We learnt so much and it was really encouraging to see Mabel stroking the chickens and chasing them around the garden. We were a little worried about how she would be with them but you were very patient with her (and us!) and we all came away very excited about getting our own
We collect our girls on friday and their house is ready for them although Mabel currently thinks its a playhouse so I think she might be the top chick in our garden!


Yolande – Sheffield

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and was sorry to leave. I loved your enthusiasm, attitude and willingness to share good practical advice. I learnt lots about how to keep my lovely girls healthy and happy. It was delightful experiencing your lovely garden too. It has really enthused me to become more interested in gardening aswell!
Chris”s regular appearance keeping us supplied with cups of tea was much appreciated.


Adrian – Swindon

Hi Val, bought your book chicken school from Diane in Swindon who works in Toomers garden centre. I have just bought eight chickens the black rock breed my first time with chickens and found your book very helpful and informative and would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone keep up the good work I will keep in touch. ADY


Tony & Mandy + Kids – Bristol

Well the kids enjoyed themselves so much, they now can’t wait for Mum & Dad to get our own chickens. Val you were brilliant, the course was so imfomrative and worth every penny! We now know what we need to do so that everyone and the chickens will be happy. We promise to send you some photos as soon as ‘our girls’ settle in. Thank you so much.
Oh and your booklet was just ace, I can’t remember a thing when I’m excited as I was on the day


Tracey and Martin – Chippenham

Well what can we say? Absolutely brilliant! Val is such an enthusiastic person and really knows her stuff. I was concerned about how my garden would fair with Chickens, but after seeing chickens in Val’s garden I won’t worry anymore. I learned so much and the booklet reinforced all we were shown and did. I got to handle a chicken for the very first time and I loved it, they are just so cute
We had such a wonderful time, thank you so much.
Tracey & Martin