Keeping Chickens – What to look for when buying a chicken coop

Chicken Coop

Choosing a chicken coop

Keeping Chickens: The major things to look for when buying a chicken coop are:

  • Size: does the coop hold as many birds as you need it to? Bear in mind that companies often over estimate the number of birds that can be comfortably put in  (chickens are addictive so your flock may grow), the more space the better. If you are free ranging your hens they will need less space in the run, if permanently penned a large breed will require 10sq feet per bird.
  • Ease of use: can you access your chickens easily, if required can it be moved & how easily?
  • Is it easy to clean, with removable parts?
  • Price – is it good value for money & treated timber?(sorry but you get what you pay for and many coops may look good value, but are poorly made, animal welfare has not been considered or is it user friendly)
  • Is the roof made of good material so it does not leak or irretrievably hide mites? Do not buy a house with a felt roof.
  • Does the house provide weather and predator protection?

Get in touch if you would like more information about choosing and buying your chicken coop, or take a look at a couple of chicken coops that we are proud to have developed.

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Val always wanted to keep hens. Her first experience of hen keeping was moving to a house with a garden many years ago. She tried hard to gain experience by reading as many books as possible, but found that nothing beats hands on experience... which you cannot get until you attend a course or have your chickens.
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