What We Deliver

Everything You Need for Successful Hatching & Chick Care

Animal Welfare is paramount to our Hatching Chicks Project. The equipment provided by Chicken School gives the right environment for the hatching eggs in schools. Giving the crucial conditions needed to keep the chicks warm, to eat, drink, sleep, flap their wings and nurture, before they are returned to the farm to further their growth. The equipment we use has virtually 360° visibility for all to see this incredible phenomenon.

Hatching Eggs Project
Various Coloured & Sized Eggs
The Brooder & Incubator

 What We Deliver to You

  • x 12 Fertilised pre-incubated Eggs pure breed eggs (provide various coloured and sized eggs as well as chicks) and/or hybrid eggs (depending on the time of year and fertility). We always aim to deliver a minimum of 12 eggs, (this may vary due to fertility).
  • The Eggs are 2-3 days from hatching (and candled prior to delivery to check all is well inside).
  • An Incubator for the hatching eggs, which gives the onlooker a virtually 360° clear visual view of the hatching eggs and regulates the correct environment for successful hatching.
  • A Brooder offering a warm, safe and child friendly home for the chicks (the heat lamp is covered and child friendly). The latest technology ensures the correct temperature critical for the chicks to nurture; providing excellent and easy viewing of the chicks. It can easily be moved from class to class.
  • All Sundries Supplied including a drinker, food bowl, feed, sawdust and a car adaptor to keep the chicks warm during transportation while taking them home at the weekend.
  • A Chick Care Handout providing in-depth details explaining everything you need to know for successful hatching including: illustrating candled eggs, pipping, the Egg Tooth, the chick’s hatching stages, chick care and a guide on handling the chicks etc.
  • A Chick and Adult Identification Handout to help you identify the chicks, photos showing what they look like as adults and their various personalities and characteristics.
  • A list of the different breeds delivered to you (in the case of pure breed eggs) so you can identify them from the Chick and Adult Identification Handout.
  • Full set up  discussion of the important aspects of the egg and chick hatching program,  answering any questions (no question is silly) or concerns you may have.
  • 24-hour helpline Val is always available should you have a question or need support during the process.
  • Risk Assessment we can supply or help your school with a Risk Assessment.
  • A wonderful in-depth video showing the stages of chicken embryo development emailed to you, adding a further dimension to the hatching egg project.

The Chick Hatching program is loved by all and it’s re-booked every year. The experience leaves extensive memories for all who witness the wonder it can give.

Classroom Hatching Chicks